Business of Welcome

Business of Welcome: workplace cultural capacity training

Build inclusive and supportive workplaces

SCARF is committed to creating and supporting employment opportunities for refugee entrants in the Illawarra. This includes supporting employers to foster inclusive workplaces. Our workplace training is designed to empower teams to work more cohesively together by fostering an understanding of the refugee experience and equipping staff with a broad range of practical cultural capacity skills. We provide practical tips for managers and people at all levels to help create inclusive environments where everyone is treated fairly and people from diverse backgrounds feel valued and respected. 

Each training session is tailored to meet individual needs and includes:

  • Two experienced training facilitators, one with a lived refugee experience
  • A consultation meeting prior to the training to identify the key challenges and opportunities for the organisation
  • A customised training workshop designed to meet the organisations specific needs
  • Delivery of an engaging training offering that will empower staff and strengthen the organisations cultural capacity skills through the learning outcomes

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“The SCARF Diversity and Inclusion team have worked closely with us to design a fit for purpose training module for our leaders to increase their understanding and acceptance of employees from a refugee background, as well as to provide a practical tool kit to assist them in navigating challenges that may arise in communication and interactions between employees. The facilitators were informative, practical and authentic and as a result, this training has set a strong foundation for our cultural journey”.

Human Resources Manager, Fulton Hogan