SCARF L2P Driver Mentoring

SCARF's L2P driver mentoring program supports refugee entrants in the Illawarra to gain driving experience on Australian roads, obtain their P-Plate license and learn about road safety.

Getting a driver’s license is difficult for anyone, but it’s even more challenging for people facing barriers that make it hard to have access to a car, a driver mentor and appropriate information about licensing processes and road rules.

The SCARF driver mentor program addresses these barriers by supporting people from refugee backgrounds to become independent, safe and informed drivers. 

We connect voluntary ‘driver mentors’ with refugee entrants to provide mentoring sessions for learner drivers, facilitate a number initiatives to increase community awareness about safe driving and owning a car and provide guidance for navigating Australian licensing processes. SCARF community members and their volunteer driver mentors also have access to our SCARF car for their mentoring sessions. 


Why L2P Driver Mentoring Matters

Supporting Independence

Our L2P driver mentors help community members to gain their driver's license. Being able to drive makes tasks like grocery shopping, visiting friends and taking children to school significantly easier, and assigns people a level of control over their lives.

Road Safety Awareness

Road rules, insurance and registration information, driver etiquette and the role of police in road safety can vary between countries. SCARF facilitates a number of initiatives to promote road safety, including training community road safety mentors and conducting information sessions.

Employment Support

Not being able to drive can be a barrier to employment. Resolving this issue is difficult when cars and driving lessons are out of reach. SCARF bridges this gap, providing a low-cost option for refugee entrants seeking to gain driving experience and gain their P-plate license.

“The best part about getting my license is that now I can take my little girl, who is starting Kindergarten this year, to school. I can also drive to work. The first thing we did when I got my license was go to the beach.” – Ama, SCARF L2P mentor driving program participant

Support L2P Driver Mentoring

SCARF relies on support from the wider community to deliver our L2P driver mentor program. There are many ways you can contribute, including volunteering, holding a fundraiser or donating to SCARF.