Employment readiness

Employment Readiness

SCARF provides employment readiness support to community members by providing provide form-filling support sessions, one-on-one resume writing and job application support, language and literacy support, digital literacy
 training and local service briefing.

Refugee entrants experience multiple challenges as they journey toward full economic and social inclusion in their new home. Tasks such as completing complex forms, navigating bureaucratic and legal processes, studying towards Australian Citizenship and applying for jobs can be extremely difficult in a new country where many things, including language, are unfamiliar. 

Even just one of these challenges can be enough to slow or halt progress toward settlement, and can cause significant overwhelm for people already engaged in the enormous task of rebuilding their lives as if from scratch. 

Employment readiness support encompasses a number of initiatives addressing these challenges and supporting the personal and professional development of community members through adult learning. These include twice-weekly form-filling support sessions, regular Legal Aid consultation sessions, one-on-one resume-writing and job application support, citizenship study support, computer literacy training and local service briefing sessions.


Continuous Adult Learning Initiatives for Community Members

Job-Readiness Skills: SCARF offers group workshops and one-on-one support to assist community members to prepare a professional CV, write cover letters, complete job applications, make scholarship applications and prepare for job interviews.

Form-Filling Support: Assistance with forms is a common drop-in request at the SCARF office. Community members with developing English skills experience difficulty understanding how to fill in a variety of forms, including Centrelink forms, rental applications, government housing applications, Opal card applications, school enrollment forms and more. 

Legal Aid Clinic at SCARF: SCARF has collaborated with Legal Aid to deliver a monthly clinic to assist the community with legal support. This collaboration responds to an increase in requests for support with complex documents such as citizenship, travel, immigration and family reunion forms.

Why Employment Readiness Matters

Removing Obstacles

Tasks like filling out a form or creating a resume may seem small, but if you are settling into a new county, facing them could significantly disrupt your progress. SCARF's employment readiness program provides practical information and assistance to help refugee entrants, navigate the journey toward full social and economic inclusion.


SCARF's employment readiness program provides targeted adult learning opportunities for both community members and volunteers, supporting their professional and personal development. The program delivers information sessions, one-on-one mentoring and group workshops to support skills and knowledge development.

Flexible, Targeted Support

Settlement support needs are not static. Existing local services can experience disruption, government legislation can change and newly-arrived communities can have new support needs. Employment readiness initiatives are regularly updated to ensure we are providing support that are not duplicated elsewhere and are targeted for current community needs.

“In the past, I didn’t know what I had and what I could do with my skills. SCARF supported me and opened opportunities for me to take part in many leadership skills development programs. Today, I feel equipped and I am using my skills to give back to the community.”
- Elizabeth, SCARF Community Member and Volunteer
Volunteering at SCARF has provided me with so many wonderful opportunities to use the skills that I have picked up through my working life and share them with others. In my daily role I support the development of staff within organisations - here at SCARF I support the development of people into living their best life within their new communities. Working with a fantastic bunch of like minded volunteers is the icing on the cake!
– Eleisa, CV/Resume volunteer

Supporting Employment Readiness

SCARF relies on support from the wider community to deliver our Continuous Learning for Adults program. There are many ways you can contribute, including volunteering, holding a fundraiser, or donating to SCARF.