Employment Support

The SCARF employment program supports refugees to overcome the multiple barriers to seeking employment through individualised support. Taking a holistic and strengths-based approach, the program fosters social and economic inclusion for participants and their families. 

We work with participants to identify language, education, and employment goals and receive one-on-one support from the SCARF employment coordinator and trained volunteers. Participants identify existing skills and experience; access education and training opportunities; build professional networks and develop employment confidence through work-ready skill workshops (e.g. resume writing, identifying transferable skills, interview skills, addressing selection criteria and Australian workplace norms).  

Support does not end once someone has achieved employment. Post-placement support for both employees and employers, includes support with onboarding and understanding workplace rights and responsibilities, assistance with employer required training and paperwork, workforce inclusion training for businesses, regular check-ins with the employer, supervisor and employee to support communication and respond to any emerging issues.  

Why Employment Support Matters

Removing Obstacles

Tasks like creating a resume or enquiring about a job opportunity may seem small, but if you are settling into a new county, facing them could significantly disrupt your progress. SCARF's employment support program provides practical information and assistance to help refugee entrants, navigate the journey toward full social and economic inclusion.


SCARF's employment support program provides targeted learning opportunities for community members, supporting their professional and personal development. The program delivers information sessions, one-on-one mentoring and group workshops to support skills and knowledge development. It also provides post placement support to participants.

Flexible, Targeted Support

Settlement support needs are not static. Existing local services can experience disruption, government legislation can change and newly-arrived communities can have new support needs. Employment support is regularly updated to ensure we are providing support that is not duplicated elsewhere and are targeted for current community needs.

“In the past, I didn’t know what I had and what I could do with my skills. SCARF supported me and opened opportunities for me to take part in many leadership skills development programs. Today, I feel equipped and I am using my skills to give back to the community.”
- Elizabeth, SCARF Community Member and Volunteer
Volunteering at SCARF has provided me with so many wonderful opportunities to use the skills that I have picked up through my working life and share them with others. In my daily role I support the development of staff within organisations - here at SCARF I support the development of people into living their best life within their new communities. Working with a fantastic bunch of like minded volunteers is the icing on the cake!
– Eleisa, CV/Resume Volunteer

Supporting Employment Support

SCARF relies on support from the wider community to deliver our employment support program. There are many ways you can contribute, including volunteering, holding a fundraiser, or donating to SCARF.