What We Do In A Nutshell

SCARF helps refugee entrants to build a sense of belonging and navigate the practical and personal challenges of starting a new life in Australia.

People from refugee backgrounds have often experienced trauma, significant upheaval, loss and months or years of uncertainty before arrival in Australia. 

Once settled in a host country, refugee entrants are finally safe. But settlement isn’t an immediate ‘happily ever after.’ 

In their new home, individuals and families face the overwhelming task of rebuilding their lives from scratch in a place where everything – from culture, customs, language, physical environment, social norms, education systems and economic processes – is unfamiliar.   

By creating connections and generating opportunities, SCARF helps individuals and families to establish a sense of belonging, experience social and economic inclusion and access the tools for self-empowerment and independence. 

Our programs – from L2P driver mentoring, befriending to education – provide responsive, targeted settlement support to our community and are delivered by a dedicated cohort of more than 150 local volunteers.

Since we were established in 2005, SCARF has embodied welcome, community, inclusivity and friendship here in the Illawarra. We continue to be guided by these values as we grow and strengthen to support our community of more than 2100 people from refugee backgrounds.

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