Coffee Community Connections

Every week volunteers and SCARF community members meet for Coffee & Community Connections. There’s laughter, chatter, games that encourage the practice of English in a fun way, and plenty of catching up with old and new friends over cups of coffee.

Participation in these afternoons is an enriching experience for all involved, where the casual environment encourages authentic relationships to form. The ‘conversation starters’ placed on each table remove any awkwardness and generate discussion that often leads to better knowledge and understanding about other participants.

There are many regular attendees who take every opportunity to practice their English language skills. One participant has been in Australia for just one year, but through her diligent practice and participation in programs such as Coffee & Community Connections, she is already able to hold a conversation in English!

Coffee & Community Connections is held in the SCARF office every Friday from 11:30am-1:00pm .