Digital Device Drive: 100 devices donated

SCARF has just reached a milestone in our Digital Device Drive initiative. Last week, the program coordinator, Sophie-May, delivered the 100th device to a local family since the pandemic began in early 2020.

“This has been such a meaningful activity to be involved in – each of the families I have met have been very thankful to the SCARF community and watching children (and parents’) faces light up with joy when receiving a device has been lovely,” she said.

Since the pandemic began to have an impact in Australia in March 2020, SCARF has been delivering devices such as laptops, computers and tablets to local families. The device drive has been so important in keeping individuals and families connected at a time when connectivity could not be more important.

We would like to extend a special thank you to Green Connect who recently donated almost 20 devices to deliver. This generous donation is just one of the community support initiatives that Green Connect undertook during lockdown.

Poe Meh, who just recently received a donated laptop said, “My children and I can easily access online learning with a computer.”

Thank you to those who have donated devices and funds to support this initiative, and thank you to our invaluable volunteers! We will continue to supply devices, and you can still donate below at any time.

Sophie-May delivering the 100th device to community members.