Notice of Annual General Meeting

2018 AGM

12:00 pm WEDNESDAY 9 DECEMBER 2020

Webex Online Meeting

The business of the meeting

  1. Welcome, Acknowledgement and Introductions
  2. Confirmation of the Agenda
  3. Attendance and Apologies
  4. Confirmation of the Minutes of the 14th SCARF Annual General Meeting held on 30th October 2019
  5. Confirmation of Office Bearer positions and Committee
  6. Chair’s Report – Kath McCollim
  7. The Year in Review – CEO Pippa Rendel
  8. Presentation of the Audited Financial Statements for year ending 30th June 2020 – Treasurer – Irene Latoa
  9. Any other business (at the discretion of the Chair)

To attend this meeting please RSVP by email to and include your Name, email address and a phone contact number and a WEBEX meeting invitation will be forwarded to you.

Please Note: Only financial members of SCARF Incorporated will be eligible to vote. The membership renewal and application form is available here.