Generous gift inspired by the music of Sako Dermenjian

A few weeks ago, we received a message from a community member, Jasmin, asking whether we were interested in a gift of a nice steel string guitar (pictured).

We wondered what had motivated such a generous and thoughtful gift, and put the question to Jasmin. The following response was given:”Sako of course. My family has seen him perform many many times over the past few years and enjoy his music immensely. I remember my daughter dancing to his classical music in the mall amphitheatre when she was barely walking.

SCARF events have introduced me to refugees in our community as the amazing resilient people they are. I went to the Art 4 Refugees community event a few years ago, the first time I saw Sako perform actually, and a man told his refugee story and talked about receiving a laptop here in Wollongong and how much it meant and helped him.

So as I had a guitar I was ready to re-home I figured by giving it to SCARF it might find its way into the hands of another talent like Sako, or perhaps it could find a way into the hands of someone who would get to do something they loved again or even help someone learn guitar for the first time. Music gives me joy and gets me through tough times. Passing that along feels good.”

Thank you Jasmin for this wonderful gift; it will no doubt be cherished by everyone that plays it! Stay tuned for the adventures of this beautiful guitar.

Sako Dermenjian, a SCARF community member and volunteer, performs tonight (Friday, August 17, 2018) at the Wollongong Town Hall Music Lounge. Tickets are available from $25 here, and to learn more about Sako and his music, click here

Photo credit: Sarah Pulling of Bear Hunt Photography.