L2P driver mentoring is back!

Uwitonze and Steve L2P driver mentoring

The SCARF L2P mentoring program was gearing up to be very busy this year, with driving being an important skill in the 21st century!

We recruited nine new mentors in the first volunteer intake in February this year. Every effort was made to match volunteers with learners and get them up to speed with using the car and the online booking system. This year SCARF was looking forward to building on the success on the L2P program from 2019.

Of course, when COVID-19 impacted on our ability to deliver L2P, everyone was disappointed. Following the state guidelines on health and safety, we paused the program for three months.  

You can imagine our excitement now that we are able to re-start the L2P program after months of hiatus. After lots of preparations and discussions about maintaining the utmost health and safety of our participants, we are happy to announce that L2P is up and running again. Each mentor and driver will be wearing a mask during lessons and have access to hand sanitiser for the duration of the journey. 

The Roads and Maritime Services has re-started testing on 1 July and since then.

This week, Uwitonze passed his driver test. Congratulations, Uwitonze!

We look forward to providing more program updates again soon.     

Uwitonze is pictured with Steve, an L2P driver mentor.