More opportunities for cultural capacity training

Sophie-May and Zeljka

SCARF and MCCI have pooled their expertise to provide a greater variety of cultural training programs aimed at increasing cultural understanding in education institutions, the aged care sector and businesses in NSW and ACT.

“Working together enables us to combine the best of two organisations, build on years of experience and bring together knowledge and people to enhance and sharpen our cultural training,” says MCCI’s Zeljka who is looking forward to the first joint training session at the end of the month for psychologists and counsellors at Family Services Australia.

“Our shared goal is to broaden cultural capacity skills of workplaces, schools and businesses, and it makes perfect sense to expand the cohort of organisations and communities we are working with,” says Sophie-May who is responsible for SCARF diversity and inclusion training.

Whereas MCCI has broad experience in increasing cultural awareness in the aged care sector, SCARF has delivered cultural training also in educational institutions and work closely with local presenters from refugee backgrounds.

“The lived refugee experience has always been at the forefront of our cultural training. Working with diversity and inclusion co-facilitators from refugee backgrounds in Syria, Afghanistan, Burma/Myanmar, Congo, among other places, makes the training more relevant and creates training and employment opportunities,” says Sophie-May.