New COVID rules 16 August

COVID update
  • You must stay at home unless you have a good reason to leave
  • You cannot have visitors to your home from outside your household, including family and friends
  • If you must leave home, stay within your local government area (LGA) or if you need to go outside your LGA you must stay within 5 kilometres of your home. For members of the SCARF community, our Local Government Areas (LGAs) are Wollongong or Shellharbour

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You should only leave home:

–       To buy food and things you need

–       To go to work – if you cannot work from home

–       For education – if you cannot do that at home

–       To exercise – alone or with one other person you do not live with (or with people you live with in your house)

–       For medical reasons – like going to the doctor, hospital, COVID test or vaccination

Police presence has increased and fines will be issued to people who break the public health order rules. The increased fines for public health order breaches are:

·       $5,000 if you do not stay home when asked by NSW health after a COVID test

·       $5,000 for lying on a permit to leave our area

·       $5,000 for lying to a contact tracer

·       $3,000 for exercising with more than one person who is not someone who lives in your house with you

·       $3,000 for going into regional NSW

To find out about getting your COVID vaccine, please see your doctor and talk to them about the best one for you.

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Natalie Wilkins
Author: Natalie Wilkins