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Arriving in Australia, refugee entrants often have extremely limited and sometimes no access to refugee-targeted support services, including employment assistance. Confronted with the challenges of resettlement, finding employment can often feel overwhelming and sometimes impossible.

Government policies, language proficiency, discrimination and a rigid system of skills recognition create barriers to employment for refugee entrants. With limited knowledge on how to navigate these barriers, it can be extremely difficult to gain independence by achieving their employment goals.

Since SCARF’s establishment in 2005, volunteers and staff have continued to support community members from refugee backgrounds navigate the challenges of employment. 

Our employment support program is currently assisting 40 community members work towards their employment goals. Each community member is provided with a dedicated mentor to provide individualised support in the employment process. The SCARF mentor assists in the development of an employment plan that details the steps they will take to achieve their education and employment goals. These steps can include reviewing and writing a new resume, applying for jobs, enrolling in training programs and finding work experience.

The Australian workforce has increasingly become a difficult place to find stable and secure employment, particularly in the last year so our employment programs have never been more important.

However, we can’t do it without you. With your support we can continue these programs in support of refugee entrants facing the challenges of resettlement.

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