Yasmin’s Story – From Learning English to HSC Success

Yasmin, a 20-year-old SCARF Youth and Homework Help program participant, delivered a powerful speech about her experience as a refugee entrant adjusting to high school in Wollongong at a SCARF Youth event recently. We loved it so much we requested the transcript! Read on for bucket loads of inspiration….

My name is Yasmin and I am 20 years old. I am from Syria.

I have been in Australia for about 3 years and a half with my grateful family. The family who inspires me to continue and survive through the difficult circumstances that we went through.

The beginning of my journey when I started year 11, I was excited to study and reach out to my dreams, but somehow it was so difficult for someone who speaks two languages and needed to study with a new language. I kept suffering but continued because I believed in myself and in my dream.

Here I am after 2 years, I graduated from high school now with excellent marks.

I got the first for English ESL and Arabic extension.

Also, I have been accepted into Wollongong University to study international studies and I am very pleased of my achievement.

Now after being laughed at for the dream that I am trying to achieve, and have worked hard for. I am nearly there, I got the first step to get to my dream and I am ready to challenge the world and work extra hard to be proud of myself and help the community and the world to be a better place.

I am a social person and I love to work in the community with organisations and help people and defend for the human rights.

I advise everyone to believe in themselves and work hard and don’t stop trying because we can’t be successful if we didn’t make mistakes and challenge ourselves to keep going.

“You have to be confiden[t] and proud of what are you doing even if you see nothing, it could change the world.”

Pretty incredible, right? A huge congratulations from us here at SCARF to Yasmin for all she’s achieved in a short time. Good luck at University next year!