Our Programs

SCARF facilitates a range of targeted programs to help refugee entrants to overcome barriers and build a secure, vibrant life in their new home.

SCARF’s programs are designed to respond to the needs of individuals and families of all ages during each stage of their settlement journey.

Uniquely, our programs are delivered by a cohort of over 150 local volunteers. This encourages the development of friendships and creates an environment where community and belonging can be established.

SCARF recognises that settlement in a new country is a long and difficult journey with many hurdles to overcome. Because of this, SCARF community members can access as many of our programs as they need, for as long as they need.

What is 'friendship-based support'?

Uniquely, SCARF’s programs are delivered by a cohort of over 150 local volunteers who have raised their hand to help their new neighbours settle in the community. 

Not only does this allow SCARF to have as much reach and impact as possible, but it creates an environment where friendships and community can grow, and where belonging can be established. 

There is a special dynamic that is created when help is offered and exchanged between friends and neighbours, rather than from a caseworker to a client (while we recognise the vital role of these relationships, too). Relationships become mutually empowering and beneficial, just like any friendship. There is flexibility for support to adapt and change to suit each individual’s needs. Friends are introduced to friends, and social networks and communities are formed.

Volunteers are the ‘life-blood’ of SCARF, and play an irreplaceable role in supporting our community. Visit our volunteering page learn more or to register your interest in becoming a SCARF volunteer.

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