Social Inclusion

SCARF's social inclusion program engages people from refugee and non-refugee backgrounds in social, recreational and educational activities to promote harmony, inclusion and belonging.

When individuals or families from refugee backgrounds arrive in their host country, they often don’t know a single person already living in the community. 

They’ve left their friends, family, community networks and a sense of belonging behind, and must begin the long and difficult process of rebuilding these from scratch. This journey is made all the more challenging when encountering barriers such as low English proficiency, discrimination and lack of cultural familiarity along the way.

SCARF’s social inclusion program offers opportunities where friendships, community connections and a sense of belonging can be developed. The program is an opportunity for people from all backgrounds to come together to share culture, friendship and language in a safe, inclusive space.

SCARF regularly hosts activities such as excursions, women’s nights, celebration days, social gatherings and a weekly ‘Let’s Chat’ session for people of all ages as a part of the program.

Why Social Inclusion Matters

Combatting Loneliness

Settlement can be a lonely time. Refugee entrants have left friends and family behind, and have to build a social network from scratch. SCARF's Social Inclusion program provides opportunities for friendships and community connections to be developed, helping to reduce the risk of isolation.

Breaking Down Barriers

SCARF Social Inclusion activities offer opportunities where people from all backgrounds can come together in a safe space. This helps to break down misconceptions, foster mutual learning, promote cultural literacy and ultimately, build a more cohesive society.

Opportunities for Fun

For refugee entrants, settling in a foreign country is a busy time. Affordable, easy and inclusive opportunities for recreation and socialising are often difficult to come by. Social inclusion provides opportunities for our community to take some time out for relaxation and enjoyment.

Let's Chat

Every week, SCARF hosts an informal group meet-up where people from refugee and non-refugee background can meet, chat and practice conversational English. Over a cuppa and a snack, many stories have been shared, new words learned and friendships developed and sustained. 

Attendance at Let’s Chat is open to all SCARF community members on a drop-in basis. View the calendar for more information. 

“We had a great time as volunteers at the Women's Night! I enjoyed seeing the community members relax and enjoy themselves, chatting and dancing in a safe, comfortable environment. I loved watching my daughters engage with members of the community and getting out of their comfort zone a little” – Susanna, women’s night volunteer.
“I like the conversation, it's very good for me because this [English] is my second language. Very good for everyone. Because we don't have friends who speak English, it's very good to practice. It's amazing for me to speak to people from all different backgrounds. If we stay at home we are thinking of problems, but when we come to this class our mind is free. This class is very good.” - Zahra, Let's Chat participant

Supporting Social Inclusion

SCARF relies on support from the wider community to deliver our Social inclusion program. There are many ways you can contribute, including volunteering, holding a fundraiser, or donating to SCARF.