Special Projects

Special Projects

SCARF is involved in a range of ongoing and one-off special projects which support our community, raise awareness about the refugee experience, and encourage community inclusion.

These include, but are not limited to:

The Burmese Community Garden Project: The Burmese Community Garden project provides a plot of land for families and individuals from within the Burmese community to grow and harvest food produce. For the Burmese community, growing and harvesting vegetables is a valued practice from home that’s important to maintain. The community garden is a special bridge of connection for the Burmese community to feel close to their traditions. The project has been active since 2017 and is supported by Multicultural Communities Council of the Illawarra (MCCI) and SCARF. The land for the Burmese Community Garden is kindly arranged by St Therese Catholic Parish. 

Refugee Week activities: Each year, SCARF endeavours to take part in nation-wide Refugee Week celebrations. Refugee Week is a chance to showcase and celebrate the courage, resilience and contribution of people from refugee backgrounds, and an opportunity to shed light on the challenges of the refugee experience. In 2017, SCARF partnered with Merrigong Theatre Company to deliver two unique events on Wednesday  21 June. These were multilingual storytime and rhymetime for pre-school and primary school aged children and their carers, and ‘A Mile in My Shoes’ – a story and culture sharing event at Wollongong Town Hall featuring stories and traditional cuisine from the SCARF community.

Harmony Day activities: SCARF aims to celebrate diversity as a part of Harmony Day (March 21) each year. In 2018, SCARF held a morning tea with an interactive musical activity and speakers from SCARF’s Community Education team.

Other projects under this program include ‘A Mile in my Shoes’ audio exhibition, ‘The More you Know’ photography exhibition, and the SCARF Recipe Book Project.

"The Community Garden is a place where vegetables such as Burmese pumpkins, all kinds of beans; long, short, green, mustard, different kinds of chilis, and cucumbers are grown...I like to cook curry… Something like pumpkin and pork or beef and chili. A lot of chili. [The Garden] is free land for us and we are lucky to have that."
Francis, Burmese Community Garden Co-ordinator
“Harmony Day is a day to celebrate the diverse cultures that enrich our country in so many ways. SCARF as an organisation embodies harmony – bringing together members of the community from many different backgrounds, cultures, religions and diverse life experiences, into a space that creates opportunities for connections. Through these friendships we are reminded that despite out differences, we are united by our humanity and common values and this is what community is all about."
Sophie-May, SCARF Community Education Co-ordinator

Supporting SCARF Special Projects

There are many ways you can contribute to SCARF’s Special Projects and make a difference for our community, including volunteering, holding a fundraiser, or donating to SCARF.