Bolena’s Story

Bologna's story - SCARF stories

“I had to leave Iraq because I had war in my country. I’m also a journalist, so that’s very big trouble. I didn’t have safety. After one month in Australia, I came to SCARF. The language is very hard for me, so I can’t find a job, I can’t study. I need more time for that. The first thing is language, then after that I can make everything I want. I can find a job, I can study. I want to go very far.

I’m involved in SCARF Befriending, Coffee and Conversations, and the social events. I’ve met friends though these programs. Coffee and Conversation is very good. It helps me with my English. Aussie and refugee are together, and that’s a very good thing. My SCARF friend, April, has helped me for many things. She’s helped me find my unit, she rings me all the time, we hang out. She’s also helped with the language. She’s my friend. That’s really good for me. Every person, like refugee, need someone to say ‘Welcome’”


Photo credit: Sarah Pulling of Bear Hunt Photography