Doh’s Story

Story from the SCARF community - bear hunt photography

“I’m from Myanmar and I was a refugee in Malaysia for about 7 years. In Malaysia my wife and I were scared about the Police and criminals, and if we were sick it was very hard to get medicine as we were asylum seekers and didn’t have passports. After we were registered as refugees we had more rights. When the U.S rejected my application it was very difficult and hopeless as I didn’t know what my future was. 4 years after this, I was finally accepted to go to Australia. I have no words to describe how happy I was to hear this news.

For the first month in Australia I was very happy, but when we needed paperwork, to speak English, to buy something, find job, or to pay bills, it was very hard. There was a lot of paperwork. Some letters arrived in the mailbox but we couldn’t understand them. Getting a license was also very challenging.

But when we met SCARF they were very helpful for everything. We had volunteers helping us with many paperwork forms and with computer skills training. In 2014 SCARF helped me with driving lessons so I could get my driver’s license. In 2015 I got my Medium rigid (MR) license as well and Certificate II in Driving Operations thanks to SCARF. A volunteer called Jocelyn help me study for my Australian Citizenship Test and in November last year I became an Australian Citizen. Just recently I did a course with SCARF to become a Community Road Safety Mentor to help my community and SCARF members if someone needs to know about road safety in Australia. SCARF helped me to do a course and test to become a Driving Instructor. I’ve completed everything now I’m waiting for my results.

To SCARF thank you very, very much. Every volunteer are very hard-working and giving up time even giving sleep and lunch time. They are very generous. Because we have SCARF it is like we have our family here.”


Photo credit: Sarah Pulling of Bear Hunt Photography.