Eugenia’s Story

“To all SCARF’s members, former and present, I hope this email meets you in good health. I am writing to inform you that my younger student, Alphonso has completed high school, and to also thank you for your extraordinary support that got all my children through high school. In 2005, I arrived in Australia with five young children on my own. Even though life seem to improved immediately, there were many challenges for me as a single mother, in a far away land where almost everything appeared strange. For example, you can imagine that a woman with no prior lunch box idea; standing in the supermarket, trying to work out appropriate lunch box items was quite daunting. Also, getting showers and breakfast ready, sorting out five sets of uniforms and getting five lunch boxes ready every morning for five children was almost stressful among many.¬†

However, somehow, I managed day by day and tried not to burn the house down while I was multitasking especially, in the morning while I was cooking bacon and sausages for a difficult to feed child and running to do showers and shoe laces etc. On the other hand, these children needed my assistance to have enabled them cope with transition from playing in the middle of a refugee camp to sitting in the classroom and catching up with all other students. Did I have the educational ability to have helped these children with their assignments every evening? The answer is, no. So what would have happened then if there was no assistance available and they felt pressured, stressed and/or embarrass because they could not cope with everything? They might not have made it even up to year 10. 

This did not happen because of SCARF. From the day aunty Sharyn walked through our door in May of 2005, to December 2017 when my little Alphonso who was nearly five on arrival completed year 12, SCARF has not given up, you have made this journey easier for us even though my oldest, Tom did not survive leukemia. To conclude, please accept my sincere thanks and appreciation¬† for not only travelling this journey with my family, but for been a safe and comfortable place that we can run for any need since then. From homework help sessions to one on one times with my children at home, they have done their best and have made it, so again, thank you. I wish you all and your families a very blessed 2018.”