The next installment of The More You Know series – Introducing Yasmin

bear hunt photography and scarf introduce the more you know yasmin syria refugee week

Commencing this Sunday, 17th of June is Refugee Week. To celebrate the diversity and common humanity of all people, we have been interviewing and photographing individuals from a range of backgrounds and experiences in the Illawarra community in a collaborative storytelling project with Bear Hunt Photography called ‘The More You Know’....

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Eugenia’s Story

“To all SCARF’s members, former and present, I hope this email meets you in good health. I am writing to inform you that my younger student, Alphonso has completed high school, and to also thank you for your extraordinary support that got all my children through high school. In 2005,...

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Azita’s Story

Azita's story - SCARF

“My name’s Azita. I’m Afghani, but I was born in Iran. My parents were born in Afghanistan but forced to flee because of the Revolution – my father was a politician, on the opposing side. My uncle was shot for his political beliefs and later died. My parents felt safe...

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Bolena’s Story

Bologna's story - SCARF stories

“I had to leave Iraq because I had war in my country. I’m also a journalist, so that’s very big trouble. I didn’t have safety. After one month in Australia, I came to SCARF. The language is very hard for me, so I can’t find a job, I can’t study. I...

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Our Friendship: April and Bolena

April and Bolena - SCARF blog

It’s often commented that one of the best things about SCARF are the friendships formed in our community. Indeed, many SCARF friendships have become lifelong, continuing outside the parameters of volunteer roles and SCARF activities. SCARF actively encourages friendships through our Befriending Program, where volunteers are paired with community members....

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Ghada’s Story

Ghana's story - SCARF stories

“My name is Ghada. I came from Syria to Australia with my family, who are my husband and 5 children. We arrived in Australia on the 15th of January 2015. Language has been the most difficult challenge of living in Australia. My family and I speak Arabic. Leaving family behind...

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Kwibe Nickolas’ Story

“Hi my name’s Kwibe Nickolas, I’m Congolese by nationality. I’ve been in Australia for one year and 7 months. I’m 27 years old. When I came to Australia I went to Tafe Wollongong studying English, I was there for 6 months. After that I went to Tafe Shellharbour doing my...

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Elizabeth’s Story

Elizabeth's story SCARF

“My name is Elizabeth Jowanie, I came to Australia in 2008, that was 8 years ago. My parents were born in Myanmar (Burma). After my parents fled Myanmar, they settled in a refugee camp in Thailand called Maesuri. So, I was born and raised in the refugee camp near Burma...

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