Welcome to Boe, Youth Program Assistant and Mobiliser

Advocate and former refugee, Boe Meh spoke to ABC Illawarra about growing up in a refugee camp to her life now as a refugee advocate in the Illawarra region.

Arriving in Australia at only nine years old from a refugee camp in Thailand, Boe Meh and her family faced the challenges of settling in a new country and navigating a new culture. With no prior knowledge or experience, Boe spent the beginning of her schooling life in Australia learning English outside the school classroom.

Today, through her involvement with SCARF, Boe helps run the program ‘Let’s Lead’, offering those with similar experiences opportunities in youth career development.

Reflecting on her family’s experience in Myanmar, Boe details the continued conflict that her family escaped from. With some family still living there, Boe hopes to continue to raise awareness about the conflict and the issues that persist in Myanmar.

We would like to welcome Boe on board as the new youth programs assistant and mobiliser.

Click here to listen to Boe’s interview on the Glocal program with ABC Illawarra.